Brands Territories

Our “Core Business”


Design / Innovation

Anticipate trends from worldwide leading retailers.Customized design to customer needs, goals and aspirations.

Reduce fashion risk.

Enhance customer collection with trendy fashion items.

Enhance customer basics collection with innovation.

Differentiate from competitors.

Reduce customer overheads.

Speed to Market

Reduce inventory / working capital.

Optimize sell-through.

Reduce buying quantities and quickly adapt to consumer changing behaviors.

Simplify and reduce logistic costs.

Different collections in one collection to reduce fashion risk and maximize consumer satisfaction.

Continuously refresh retail look and feel. Create scarcity sense on consumers.

Generates competitive advantage.




High reliable production partners.

Total control of Quality, processes
and lead times on time and on-line. Quonda®.

Fully compliant with international standards and audited
by credited 3rd parties such Accord, BSCI, ISO and GSV.

Strong focus on sustainability, ethics, efficiency and workers’ welfare.

Quality Control

Strong net of regional partners allowing moving production based on lead times, idle capacities, costs, raw material availability and specific customer needs.

Totally adapt to customer needs, goals and problems. Problem-solving approach.

Get the right product at the right price.